Paid Department 1853

Miles Greenwood
First Chief of the paid Department

In 1853 the Department consisted of:

1 Chief Engineer
2 Assistant Engineers
1 Captain for each company
1 Lieutenant for each company
25 men for each company
as many hook and ladder men as needed
15 fire companies
1 hose company
1 ladder company

Chief EngineerMiles Greenwood
Assistant EngineerFerguson Clements
Assistant EngineerJohn Doran
ClerkLewis Guelich
Steam Fire Co. 1Henry Leonard
Washington Fire Co. 1William Redding
Relief Fire Co. 2Theodore Chambers
Independence Fire Co. 3August Parry
Franklin Fire Co. 4A. F. Shuyler
City Fire Co. 5William Cruse
Eastern Fire Co. 6Samuel Hammer
Northern Fire Co. 7H. L. Katenkamp
Marion Fire Co. 8E. G. Folger
Union Fire Co. 9Henry Sleight
Deluge Fire Co. 10L. M. Hazen
Eagle Fire Co. 11B. Smith
Mohawk Fire Co. 12Jacob Hust
Brighton Fire Co. 13William Gall
Western Fire Co. 14C. O. Andress
Phoenix Hook & Ladder Co. 1E. G. Drake
Wayne Hose Co. 1

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