Renumbered Ladder 17

Lower Price Hill

The Snake Pit

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Renumbered Ladder 17

2200 GEST ST
2101 W 8th ST
AT E-2
AT E-25
W/ E-17
AS L-17

2011 Spartan/Rosenbauer 109' Aerial Shop #91651
Entered service on August 1, 2011.
Photo Steve Hagy

Truck 17 1999 E-One 110 ft #91650
Photo Steve Hagy

Ladder 6 1973 Seagrave 100 ft Aerial
Photo Steve Hagy

"Champions Ladder Co. Contest" 1963. From the left: Firefighters Paul Rayborn; Joe Vogel; William Millerhaus; A.T.O. Joseph Smith; Lt. Herman larkins; and Marshal Walter Zimmer.
Photo Cincinnati Fire Department

Drill time for the members of Truck 6. The masks with the cannister type filterss were in use until approximately 1980. Notice that the Lieutenant is wearing a Navy style blue-jean type jacket.
This was normal firefighting attire in the warmer months.
Photo Steve Hagy collection.

Truck Company 6 on a sunny morning in 1950. Beginning on the left is:
Firefighter Ed Lagaly; Firefighter John Mathes; Firefighter Bill Millerhaus; Firefighter Robert Wehrle; Firefighter Larry Steinbeck; and Captain Carl Buler.
Photo Courtesy of Michael Wilger

1947 Seagrave 100' Aerial Shop #25224
Photo Ed Effron

1917 Ahrens-Fox/Seagrave 85' Aerial
Two of these Seagrave aerials were purchased in 1917 and paired up with new Ahrens-Fox tractors. There isn't anything that you can see looking north on Freeman Avenue that wasn't torn down during the 1950's and 60's.
Photo City of Cincinnati

1885 LaFrance 85' Aerial
Taken from the window of a home at 952 Richmond Street as the company returned from a run on Court Street.

Firefighters are (from the left): Bill Moran - Tillerman (notice that the tiller seat is under the aerial); Martin Wohl; Tom Finn; Jim McKinsey; Captain John Rumas; and FAO Pop Gleason. The horse closest to the photographer was "Sam".
Photo Charley Fisher