Renumbered Ladder 24

West Price Hill

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Renumbered Ladder 24

AT E-24
W/ E-24
AS L-24

Members Who Died In The Line:

  Frank Wuebbling - August 12, 1947

Ladder 24 at the corner of Boudinot & Queen City Avenues on September 14, 2001.
The F.D.N.Y. lettering is to honor the 343 firefighters lost in the World Trade Center attack on September 11.
Photo George Bredestege

1998 Emergency One 110' Aerial Shop #81653 The Truck sits on the ramp eagerly awaiting the tone of the Zetron and the dispatchers voice announcing the next EMS run...
Photo Steve Hagy

Fortunately many building fires are handled by the first due companies. This 1 alarm fire on Dewey Avenue turned out to be a sparking electrical outlet that was extinguished by the resident.
Here members of Truck 24 have just arrived on the scene and are entering the building to investigate.
Photo Steve Hagy

This view of the station is one that is rarely seen by most.
Photo Steve Hagy

From the front of the station the hose tower at the 24's house is barely visible. The designs formed in the brick make for an attracive feature that is seldom seen.
Photo Steve Hagy

1998 Emergency One 110' Aerial Shop #81653
Photo Steve Hagy

1998 Emergency One 110' Aerial Shop #81653
Photo George Bredestege

Delivered in 1973 this 100' aerial was of the same type as the three trucks delivered the year before. Truck 16 had an identical apparatus.
Photo Steve Hagy

1973 Seagrave 100' Aerial Shop #4619
This apparatus entered service on May 17, 1973.
Photo Steve Hagy

1947 Seagrave 85' Aerial Shop #25225 Rapid Run Park is the location of this photo. Is that a Ford Galaxie?
Photo Ed Effron

Posed on the ramp in front of quarters is the crew of Truck 10. Captain Albert Heilmann; Firefighter Arthur Trienen; Firefightr Frank Eichstadt; and Firefighter Orville Gallagher are out enjoying the sunshine.
Photo Courtesy of Michael Wilger

1947 Seagrave 85' Aerial Shop #25223
It appears that Truck 10 is at the Public Landing. It makes you wonder what was going on that brought them so far from quarters.
Photo George Snelbaker

1947 Seagrave 85' Aerial Shop #25225
Truck 10 is in front of St. Lawrence Church on Warsaw Avenue in this photo.
Photo Steve Hagy Collection

1918 Ahrens-Fox City Service Ladder
City Hall is the backdrop for this photo showing Truck 10. The apparatus has been decorated to promote fire prevention week activities in 1931.
Photo Steve Hagy collection.

Truck 10 In front of quarters on Warsaw Ave at Considine
1918 Ahrens-Fox City Service Ladder - Serial #696
Photo Donated by Steve Hagy

The tracks out front indicate that Warsaw Avenue had plenty of street car traffic when this photo was snapped. The crew of Engine 24 consisted of: Cliff Schuck - Driver; James Boyle - Captain; and Firefighter Spelman on the hose wagon: Steve Dugan - Driver and William Niemoeller - Pipeman on the steamer: Ben Grote - Pipeman and L. Cooper - Stoker standing: and J. Harwood - Driver; H. Vordenberg - Lieutenant; and Mose Stropes - Pipeman on Ladder 10. The Western Hills Building Savings and Loan Assn. is located to the right of the station.
Photo Dave Horn Collection