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Heavy Rescue


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AS E-52 311 W COURT ST
AT E-45

W/ E-14

Heavy Rescue 14 is one of the two Heavy Rescue Companies of the CFD. They were reorganized from Engine 52 to Life Saving Squad 52 in 1918, and to Squad 14 in 2006 when Ladder 14 was reorganized as Squad 9. Over the years the duties of the 52s have expanded to include haz-mat, high angle rescue, trench and cave-in rescue, collapse rescue, motor vehicle and heavy machinery extrication, as well as all specialized rescue operations. Squad 14 also responds to all one alarm fires in the southern half of the city, and to all extra alarm fires.

Squad 14 Unit 3 at a recent fire in Madisonville
FF G. Bredestege, FF R. Parker, FF J. Robb, LT W. Lustenberger
Photo Bill Strite, IFPA

The LED lights on Squad 14 brighten up the night while on a fire scene Downtown.
Photo Bill Strite

2006 Spartan/Central States Heavy Rescue Shop #61710
Squad 14 at a vaguely familiar location. When was the last time you stopped by the Cincinnati Fire Museum?
Photo Steve Hagy

2006 Spartan-Central States Shop #61710
Photo David J. Jones

The crew of Squad 52 on September 12, 2004. From the left, Larry Arnold, Lietenant Rob Boerger, Mark Kroth, and Willie Jones.
Photo Steve Hagy

Squad 52 1998 Spartan/Ferrara Shop #71710
This rear view of Squad 52's current apparatus shows the ladder that is used for access to compartments on top of the rig.
Photo Bill Strite

1998 Spartan/Ferrara Shop #71710
Photo Steve Hagy

MAC 1 1990 Chevrolet/Summit Shop #01690
This apparatus is staffed by the members of Squad 52 or Truck 14 if the 52's aren't available. MAC 1 (the name is derived from the vehicle previously used for air supply - Mobile Air Compressor 1) is used as the haz-mat and air bottle supply truck.
Photo Bill Strite

MAC 1 1990 Chevrolet/Summit Shop #01690 Hazardous Materials & Air Bottle Supply Unit
Photo Steve Hagy

1985 Ford/Saulsbury Shop #51710
This apparatus entered service in the later part of 1985 and is still used as a spare.
Photo Steve Hagy

1985 Ford/Saulsbury Heavy Rescue Shop #51710 This apparatus was delivered in the summer of 1985 and was promptly displayed
at the Cincinnati Fire Museum's Chili Festival
so that everyone could have a look. Note that
the shop number and city seal have not been applied to the door.
Photo Steve Hagy

Squad 52 1985 Ford-Saulsbury Shop #51710 Heavy Rescue Truck
Photo Fire Prevention Bureau

1971 GMC Shop #3385
MAC 1 (Mobile Air Compressor) was the first air bottle supply truck on the roster.
This unit was assigned to Squad 52 and responded to all 2 alarm fires and other incidents as requested.
Photo Steve Hagy

1969 Seagrave-Marion Heavy Rescue #4656
Photo Steve Hagy

1969 Seagrave-Marion Heavy Rescue Shop #4656
Photo Steve Hagy collection

The 52's were assigned to Box 1215 (12th & Vine) for a Code 3 fire on a sunny Sunday morning. This apparatus body for this rig had room to carry one of everything!
Photo Steve Hagy

Crew of Squad 52 - 1955 from left: Paul Kathman (electrocuted from downed electric wires on 3rd St.), Chester basham, Elmer Birkigt, Bill Endicot, Capt. Ike Martin
Photo Chester Basham Collection

1942 Seagrave Shop #25163
This apparatus was equipped with a Lamb air compressor. Lettering on the side reads "Airmatic Task Unit".
Photo Steve Hagy Collection

The members of both shifts assigned to Squad 52 are next to the apparatus. Is this Burnet Woods where the photo was taken?
Photo Steve Hagy Collection

This photo shows the open rear of the body on the 52's Seagrave sedan.
Photo Seagrave Fire Apparatus

This photo shows a pneumatic saw being used at a demonstration by Squad 52. The fellow using the saw is obviously a civilian as he is wearing a three-piece suit under the coat and the fedora definately isn't department issue!
Photo Cincinnati Fire Department

This drawing appeared in the February 1942 issue of Fire Engineering magazine. Seagrave delivered the completed apparatus not long after this was published.
Photo Case - Shepperd - Mann Publications

1918 Ahrens-Fox Rescue Squad Shop #25152
Photo From the Gramza Family Collection

This 1918 Ahrens-Fox was the first rescue vehicle assigned to the 52's. It was equipped with a chemical tank and a Buckeye Roto-Ray warning light. Shop #25152
Photo Steve Hagy Collection

1918 Ahrens-Fox Rescue Squad Shop #25152
The 52's have gone around the corner from quarters to have their photo taken in front of the French Bauer dairy on Plum Street.
Photo Steve Hagy collection

1913 Republic/Ahrens Fox
When the 52's were placed in service on Court Street they functioned as a manpower company. Here the crew of 7 firefighters is seen with their new rig which was equipped with a pair of 80 gallon chemical tanks. Notice the locally made Pettibone helmets hanging from the ladder.
Photo Young & Carl

Squad 52 demonstrating their special equipment.
Photo - Donated by Capt. James \"Denny\" Lyons