Back Up Apparatus

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1997 Freightliner-Ferrara 1250-500 #61676 1 of 6 purchased - photo Steve Hagy

1996 Emergency One 1500 GPM - 500 Tank - 100 Foam Shop #61674
With the addition of new apparatus during 2006, some of the E One pumpers have now entered the spare pool.
Photo Bob Luce

1996 Freightliner/Ferrara 1250 GPM - 500 Tank
Certainly an angle that you usually don't see of a piece of apparatus. One of the spares pumping at the Queen City Barrel fire several days into the run.
Photo Steve Hagy

The spare engines move around quite a bit. This photo shows shop #61680 while in service with the 32's in Avondale.
Photo Steve Hagy

Even the spare engines get to work a fire now and then! Engine 20 was operating Shop #61676 on January 18, 2004 when they were first in at a 2nd alarm at 4231 Hamilton Avenue.
Photo Steve Hagy

Permanent Spare 1997 Freightliner-Ferrara 1250-500 #61678.
Photo Steve Hagy

1994 Emergency One 110' Aerial Shop #41650
This was the first of the rear-mount aerials to be received and was originally assigned to Truck 1. Redesignated as Truck 3 this apparatus spent its career responding from 9th & Broadway before becoming a spare.
Photo Bob Luce

1980 Seagrave 100' Aerial Shop #01650. This rig was purchased from the St. Matthews, Kentucky Fire Department. The aerial was used by the Drill School at the 29's house. It is easily distinguished from other CFD apparatus by the Federal Q siren mounted above the front bumper.
Photo Steve Hagy

1970 American LaFrance 1000 GPM - 500 Tank Shop #4657
Five of these engines were delivered in 1970. They were well liked, and fast! Engine 46X was previously assigned to Engine 23 however the photo was taken at the 18's house.
Photo Bill Friedrich

1961 Seagrave 1000 GPM - 150 Tank Shop #4605
Engine 29X is senn operating at a 2 alarm fire in the fall of 1980 just off of West Court Street.
Photo Steve Hagy

This is one of the Mack engines purchased during the 1930's while in use as the engine assigned to the Drill School. This engine was equipped with a 750 gpm pump and a 100 gallon booster tank. It may have been the apparatus previously assigned to Engine 32.
Photo Pat Holz