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1998 Chevrolet Shop #80882 Carries 88 gallons of diesel fuel and is also used to transport the fire safety trailer. This unit is stationed at Engine 18.
Photo Steve Hagy

1968 Ford/General Steel & Tank 1000 Gallons of Gasoline Shop #3692
Since being sold by the city, this truck has been spotted in a parking area near the I-265/I-65 interchange on the northeast corner of Louisville International Airport.
Photo Steve Hagy

1936 Ford 400 Gallons of Gasoline Shop #25032
This apparatus remained in service until June 20, 1969. The truck reportedly still survives in the hands of a collector in Michigan. If anyone has information regarding the location of this apparatus, please contact Box2565@cfdhistory.com.
Photo Ed Effron

Fuel 2 operating from the quarters of Engine 13 on Bank Street.
Photo Steve Hagy Collection