Replaced Salvage Corps

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Squad 1 1951 GMC-Kinnaird #3390 (Ex-Underwriters Salvage Corps)

1974 Chevrolet Step Van Shop #3379

Squad 1 was a salvage company, however the function of the unit evolved into a manpower squad. They responded to most working fires in the city by the 1970's. This apparatus was the last piece used by Squad 1 as they were disbanded on January 3, 1975.
Photo Steve Hagy

Squad 1 arriving on the scene of a 1-alarm at Hilton - Davis Chemical Company, 2235 Langdon Farm Road - Box 4451 in the summer of 1970. Runs to this location were frequent and Squad 1 was assigned to the box.
Notice the hip boats, blue jean jacket, and cannister mask. All the firefighting attire that was needed back in the day.
Photo Steve Hagy

Squad 2 1951 GMC/Kinnaird Shop #3391
This apparatus was kept at the 9's quarters and staffed as needed by the engine crew.
Photo Ed Effron