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Engine 14 is the City of Cincinnati\'s E.O.D. or Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit. Engine 14B responds to all EOD (bomb) runs in the greater Cincinnati area.

2005 Spartan/Saulsbury Hazardous Devices Unit Shop #51960
Photo David J. Jones

2005 Ford/Nabco Shop #60915
This is the vehicle that carries the containment vessel.
Photo Steve Hagy

The containment device that was previously mounted on the trailer was installed on the new apparatus for Engine 14-B.
Photo Steve Hagy

Sneak Preview!
Photo Unknown

The containment trailer and robot used by Engine 14B.
Photo Steve Hagy

1991 Ford/Reading Shop #11665
This is the equipment truck used by Engine 14B. Previously this vehicle also pulled the trailer that carries the containment trailer.
Photo Steve Hagy

1974 IH - 1979 CFD Bomb Disposal Unit Shop #4442
Photo Steve Hagy

This view of Engine 14 B shows the explosives container.
Photo Steve Hagy

Explosives removal was originally handled by the crew of Engine 45. Here the 1952 Mack hose tender of the 45's is pulling the original explosives removal trailer while the 1961 Seagrave engine follows. This photo was taken at Hilton - Davis Chemical Company 2235 Langdon Farm Road in Pleasant Ridge. A long, bitter strike resulted in several bomb runs to the plant in the summer of 1970.
Photo Steve Hagy

Here you can see the trailer being pulled by Engine 45's hose tender.
Photo Steve Hagy