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1 Alarm 2807 Linwood Avenue

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Date 2002-07-04

Firefighters advance a line into the second floor of the "working fire" in Hyde Park.
Photograph - David J. Jones

Engines 46, 23, 31 Trucks 31 & 23 and District 4 were dispatched at 13:59 hours on a very hot 4th of July to a reported house fire at 2807 Linwood Avenue in Hyde Park. First arriving units reported smoke showing from the structure.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

Firefighters quickly extinguished a fire that has started in the kitchen of this residence. Engine 18, Rescue 46, and District 1 were dispatched on the report of a working fire. Damage to the home was estimated at $20,000.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

This is becoming a rare site on the streets of Cincinnati. Truck 23 is operating a spare 1992 Seagrave tiller.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

Nothing beats taking a break and cooling off with a wet towel after fighting a fire in 90+ degree temperatures and the high humidity that is Cincinnati in the summer.
Photograph - Steve Hagy