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4 Alarm 926 Chapel Street

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Date 2004-03-05

At 08:58 hours Box 2278 was transmitted for a reported building fire at 926 Chapel Street in Walnut Hills. The initial assignement was for Engines 19, 32 Truck 23, 19 RAT 32 D 1, 3 and Rescue 46. Multiple calls were received indicating that people were trapped in the building and also going out the windows and on to the roof. First due Engine 19 requested a 2nd alarm upon arriving on the scene at 09:02. Engines 5 & 9, Truck 3 Squad 52 MAC 1 and Rescue 2 were dispatched. At 09:04 Ambulance 19 was added to the response.
Photograph - Elmer Jones

At 09:16 a 3rd alarm was requested. Engines 46 and 34 along with Truck 29 were dispatched. The fire was still extending through the building.
Photograph - Bill Strite

This fire occurred on a windy day. The wind pushed the flames to the rear of the building necessitating that a 4th alarm was requested at 09:29, bringing Engines 3 and 18 to the scene.
Photograph - Bill Strite

The damage to the third floor of the building is evident in this photo.
Photograph - Elmer Jones