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2 Alarm 4192 Eastern Avenue

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Date 2004-07-20

At 16:44 hours on July 20, 2004, Box 8124 was transmitted for a reported fire in a dwelling at 4192 Eastern Avenue. Engines 46, 23 Trucks 18, 23 RAT 31 Rescue 14 and Districts 4 & 1 were assigned. First arriving Truck 18 found a 2 1/2 story frame heavily involved in the upper part of the structure.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

Here companies are getting to hot spots in the roof and attic area. Engine 18 was also assigned to the first alarm.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

At 16:57 a second alarm was transmitted. Engine 3, Truck 3, Squad 52, MAC 1, and Cars 3 and 517 were dispatched.
Photograph - Steve Hagy

There is a lot of hose off at this job!
Photograph - Steve Hagy

With the fire out, it's time to get a cold drink and a little rest before the overhauling is complete and all the equipment is loaded back on to the apparatus.
Photograph - Steve Hagy