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2 Alarm 4330 Eastern Avenue

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Date 2005-08-17

At 12:58 p.m. on Wednesday, August 17, 2005, a 1 Alarm compliment was dispatched to 4330 Eastern Avenue, cross streets Wortman Street and Airport Road, Box 8138. Engines 18, 46, Trucks 18, 23, RAT 31, Rescue 46, and Districts 1 & 4 were assigned. Engine and Truck 18 arrived on scene and reported a working fire in a 2 story wood frame single family.
The way the house was set up there was no entrance in the front of the building on Eastern Avenue. The entrance to the house was from the rear on a hill and once entry was made you were on the 2nd floor. This caused some confusion at first and because the house was chopped up and made primary searches by the Truck companies difficult.

Photograph - Bill Strite

At approximately 1:06 PM dispatch relayed to Command that there might be a person in a wheel chair and an 8 year old trapped on the 2nd floor. Since the Truck Companies were having trouble conducting the Primary Searches, Command ordered a 2nd Alarm.

2nd Alarm:

Engines 23 and 31, Truck 3, Squad 52, MAC 1, Rescue 2

Shortly after the 2nd Alarm was dispatched Trucks 18 and 23 gave an all clear on the Primary Search. 2nd Alarm Companies staged and were released shortly after Command notified The Fire Tower that the fire was extinguished and the 1st Alarm Companies would be on the scene approximately 45 minutes to an hour on overhaul.

Photograph - Bill Strite

Trucks 18 and 23 have the building laddered.
Photograph - Bill Strite

There was no front door to the residence and entry had to be made from the rear on the hillside.
Photograph - Bill Strite

Rehab is set up in the rear of Rescue 46. One firefighter was treated on the scene by Rescue 46 and Rescue 2 for a heat related injury.

Photograph - Bill Strite