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2 Alarm 3054 O`Bryon Street

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Date 2006-07-09

At 11:44 on July 9, 2006 a 1 alarm assignment was dispatched to 3054 O'Bryon Street in O'Bryonville for a report of a house on fire. Engines 23, 46 Trucks 23, 31 RAT 19 Squad 9 Rescue 46 and Districts 4 and 1 responded. Shortly after arrival District 4 requested a 2nd alarm which added Engines 31 & 32, Truck 32, Squad 14, Rescue 2, and Cars 5 and 515 to the response.
Photograph - David J. Jones

Although firefighters arrived less than 3 minutes after being dispatched, they found the house totally invloved in fire with an exposure problem with the home adjacent to the fire building.
Photograph - David J. Jones

The small, frame house collapsed and was a complete loss. The home was vacant at the time. Damage was estimated at $40,000.
Photograph - David J. Jones

Companies remained on the scene for just over 4 hours.
Photograph - David J. Jones