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3 Alarm 150 W, 5th

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Date 2006-11-12

At 08:06 p.m. on Sunday November 12, 2006, firefighters responded to a report of a fire alarm sounding in the Millennium Hotel at 150 W. 5th Street, Downtown. Upon arriving, companies found hotel guests evacuating the structure which had heavy smoke issuing from the first floor. A grease fire had started in the kitchen, causing the smoke.

Prior to the Fire Department's arrival, many of the hotels 408 guests and staff of 60 had exited the building. Due to a Sunday evening Bengal's football game many people were staying at the Millenniem for the event. Temporary shelter for employees and guests was provided at the Duke Energy Center, located across the street from the hotel. Firefighting efforts were begun as companies had to chase the grease fire through the ductwork above the kitchen. Additionally a thorough search had to be made to verify that guests had left their rooms in this 32 story building.

Photograph - Bill Strite

As additional calls were received from guests on the upper floors indicating the presence of smoke, a 2nd and 3rd alarm were transmitted to bring enough personnel to the scene so that each report of a smoke condition was checked. Although damage from the fire was confined to the kitchen and the ductwork, the loss from the blaze was estiamted to be $300,000.
Photograph - Bill Strite

Engine 14 had a couple of lines off as companies chased the fire through portions of the ventillation system.
Photograph - Bill Strite