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5 Alarm Fire: W. McMicken

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Date 2007-07-10

On July 10, 2007, 2000hrs, the Fire Tower dispatched a 1 alarm fire at 2721 W. McMicken Avenue btwn. Straight & Tafel.
"Cellular caller reporting smoke and fire coming from the roof of the costume company building."
Engine 12,34,5 Truck 29,19 RAT 21 District 3,2 Rescue 14 Squad 14
Multiple calls being received...
Photograph - David J. Jones

2003: E12 E5 on scene heavy smoke from 2nd and 3rd floor
2005: D03 large frame bldg, fire showing from the side, heavy smoke from 2nd and 3rd floors
2006: D03 give me 2 more addt\'l RAT assist teams, engines. Advise those engines that they are ONLY for RAT Assist
2007: Tower dispatches RAT20 and RAT3 (trucks)

Photograph - David J. Jones

2007: D03 2nd alarm: Engine 21,29 Truck 17 Squad 9 Rescue 2
2009: E19 o/s at 2nd alarm.
2011: D03 we're going defensive.
2013: D03 3rd alarm: Engine 20 Truck 32
2018: D03- need Duke (Energy) to respond.
Photograph - David J. Jones

2022: D03 4th alarm: Engine 14, 17
2024: Car 1 on scene at the 4th alarm.
2026: ...requests the 5th alarm: Engine 3, 32 District 4
2027: Car 1 reporting 5 alarms - multiple bldgs on fire, fire not under control. 2 D/C's to start limited recall.
2035: D03 we've had a partial building collapse of the main fire building, need Duke ASAP, wire's are arcing.

Photograph - David J. Jones

2037: D01 contact Water Works about opening some valve to increase the water pressure.
2038: Fleet Services enroute to 5th alarm.
2042: D01 reporting the main fire building has collapsed.
2118: Move Ups; E31 to E12, E23 to E19, E24 to E14, T2 to T20

Photograph - David J. Jones

2134: D03 we have a working fire in 1 exposure bldg, attempting to trench cut it off from other exposures.
2211: C01 requesting a track hoe for demolition once fire is knocked down.
2220: D03- attempting to extinguish exposure bldg, imminent roof collapse, flooding it with water now.

Photograph - David J. Jones

0029: D03 keeping 3 trucks, 3 engines, track hoe is on scene at this time - starting to tear down the bldg at this time.
0059: E20, E5, E12 & T19, T32, T29 will be staying on scene - all other companies will be getting in service.

Photograph - David J. Jones

The fire was labor intensive, requiring 78 firefighters to respond to the incident, along with support staff and other supporting agencies such as the Cincinnati Building and Inspection Department. The Fire and Building Departments worked together to bring in a backhoe to clear out debris to extinguish smoldering fire in three of the buildings that were completely involved in fire. There were seven structures that were impacted by the fire. The largest of the structures, a large three story brick building (2724 W. McMicken), sustained minimum damage because of fire fighting efforts.

Photograph - David J. Jones

Firefighters were on the scene for 12 hours and twenty minutes. Damage estimates are in excess of $500,000. The fire is still under investigation.
Photograph - David J. Jones