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3 Alarm 1007

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Date 2010-09-06

On Monday, September 6, 2010 at approximately 23:35 Hours Cincinnati Fire Dispatch sent Engine 9 for a reported out door fire at 1007 Marion Avenue, (North Avondale) cross streets Winding Way and Dakota Avenue for an outdoor fire. Dispatch than came back on and told Engine 9 they were striking the box because the out door fire now was a garage fire and explosion.

1 Alarm Dispatch: Engines 9 & 32 (Spare); Trucks 32 (Spare) & 23; RAT 19; District 3 (Coleman) and 1 (Phillips); Squad 14 and Rescue 38 on Fireground 11.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

Engine 9 went on scene with heavy fire in a two car detach garage with fire extending into two houses B and D sides and another garage Side C.

District 3 arrives on scene and requests 2nd Alarm at 23:43 Hours.

2nd Alarm: Engines 23,19 and 34; Truck 3; Rescue 2 and Duty Chief (Car 2 - AC Kroeger)

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

District 3 requests 3rd Alarm at 23:50 hours due to 4 structures on fire and water supply problems.

3rd Alarm: Engines 46 and 3; Truck 2; Car 1 (Chief Wright), Car 3 (AC Demasi), Car 406 Safety (DC Texter); Car 202 Apparatus (CPT Thomas), Car 302 Operations (CPT Miller), Car 405 PIO (CPT Washington) SA-1 (Salvation Army Canteen) and the Red Cross.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

The house at 1007 Marion received damage to the D side of the structure. The Garage between 1007 and 1017 Marion was destroyed along with 2 cars parked in the drive way. The house at 1017 was destroyed. Both houses were built in the early 20\'s. The garage to the rear of the 1007 belonging to the house on Dakota Avenue suffered extensive damage.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

4 Adults and 4 Children were displaced and were able to exit the buildings safely. There was one minor injury to a firefighter.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

Heavy fire in the roof, attic and second floor.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

Truck 23 operating it\'s ladder pipe on the A side of 1017 Marion.

Truck 23 was the only ladder pipe in operation due to water supply issues.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

Chief Wright gives FAO of Truck 23 instructions
Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

Crews operating on the D/C corner of 1017 Marion

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA