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3 Alarm 2499 Reading Road

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Date 2011-11-05

At 01:29 am the Cincinnati Emergency Communications Center received a telephone call reporting a building fire at Reading Rd. and Burnet Ave in Mt Auburn.

Photograph - David Mullis, IFPA

Initial arriving fire units reported a “working” fire in a three-story vacant industrial building with fire showing from the roof area. Due to the condition of the structure and access issues a defensive fire attack was initiated for safety reasons. A second, then third alarm was transmitted due to the size of the building, access problems and the potential for fire spread to adjacent structures.

Photograph - David Mullis, IFPA

The fire was confined to the structure of origin and it took Fire Companies approximately 90 minutes the knock down the main body of fire. Companies were still on the scene at 5am extinguishing hot spots. There were no firefighters or civilian injuries.

Photograph - David Mullis, IFPA

Damage is estimated at $40,000.00 dollars. Seventy Five firefighters consisting of 15 Fire companies, Medical Units and Staff Personnel operated at this incident.
Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

Members of Truck 19 opening up a hoseline through one of the front windows.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA