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Boat Fire Schmidt Boat Launch

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Date 2012-06-02

On Saturday, 6-2-12, around 19:40 Hrs when the Fire Tower dispatched a 1 Alarm fire for a boat and the dock on fire at Schmidt Boat Launch at 2994 Humbart Avenue (East End).

Photograph - David Mullis, IFPA

1 Alarm Response: Engines 18 & 46; Trucks 18 & 23; RAT 3; Districts 4 & 1; Medic 23 and Heavy Rescue 14.

Photograph - David Mullis, IFPA

District 4 made it a can handle for Engine & Truck 18.

Photograph - David Mullis, IFPA

The Boat owner suffered minor burns to both his legs. The boat was destroyed and the dock suffered minor fire damage.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA