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Date 2013-10-29

At 9:00 PM, the Cincinnati Emergency Communications Center received a call for a house on fire and a person heard screaming from within the structure at 4116 Milsbrae Avenue in Oakley.

Photograph - Bill Strite

One Alarm: Engines 31 & 46; Trucks 31 & 23; RAT 18; Districts 4 (Breitfelder) & 1 (Arnold); Medic 46; ALS 32; Heavy Rescue 9 and SO 2.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

Working Fire Medic: Medic 9

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

On arrival, companies found heavy smoke and a working fire in a two story frame, single family dwelling. Per the dispatch, companies were aware they possibly had a person trapped and proceeded to determine her location. The trapped person was located in the basement, and trapped by a fire in the stairwell and glass block security windows. Two firefighters were able to open a window with a sledge hammer and pulled the woman to safety. An aggressive interior attack brought the fire under control in approximately 20 minutes

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

The cause of the fire was determined to be a candle that was possibly knocked over by one of the pets.

Damage from the fire was estimated at $40,000. There were no reported civilian or firefighter injuries at this incident. Thirty-two firefighters were utilized at this incident.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA

There were three dogs and six cats also in the house. Unfortunately one cat and one dog perished while all others were rescued.

Photograph - Bill Strite, IFPA