If you live in Cincinnati, chances are you drive past one of these historic structures regularly, without even knowing it. Nearly every major transportation artery in the city passes within a few blocks of one. All of the firehouses that date past 1890 have been abandoned for more modern facilities. However, as late as the 1980's a few companies continued to operate out of these historic structures. Today many of them are in service as other types of occupancy, and will probably continue to stand well into the next century. Click on the thumbnails below for full size viewing and information about these historic structures. More information will be posted as it becomes available.
* Denotes disbanded companies.
N ­Denotes house on National Registry of Historic Places.

Engine 11* Engine 12 Engine 15* Engine 16*
Engine 18
Ladder 3
Engine 19
Ladder 4
Engine 20
Ladder 5
Engine 22*
Fuel & Supply 1*
Engine 23­N
Ladder 9
Engine 24
Ladder 10
Engine 25
Ladder 8*
Engine 26*
Engine 27* Hose Co 28* Hose Co 30* Engine Co 32
Ladder 12
Engine 36* Engine 39* Engine 42* Engine 43*
Ladder 13
Engine 45* N
Squad 52
Ladder 7
Water Tower 1*
Engine 48*

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